Principal Network Engineer

Georgis Alam

With over a decade of expertise in the service provider and Telecom networking realm, Georgis Alam emerges as a highly tenacious and self-taught technical consultant/architect. Specializing in IP-MPLS, SD-WAN, DWDM, and SDH for service providers and Telecom networks, Georgis possesses hands-on proficiency in crafting and deploying Enterprise Solutions such as Cisco ACI and Cisco ISE. Exhibiting a unique ability to maintain a comprehensive overview of entire solutions, Georgis seamlessly delves into specific technological challenges when required. His core strengths lie in architecture designs, implementations, migrations, and adept last-line troubleshooting for high-end solutions.

 IP-MPLS Network Design and Deployment
 MPBN and IP-RAN Network Design and Deployment
 Cisco Application-Centric Infrastructure Design and Deployment
 Certificate-based Authentication and Posturing Using Cisco ISE
 Transmission network Design & Deployment
 Finalizing Architecture and Design for Telecom and Service Provider Network.
 Strong knowledge on SDH & Ethernet over SDH (EoS)
 Configuration of Cisco IOS, IOS-XE, IOS-XR, NX-OS and Firepower devices.
 Configuration of Huawei IP Devices.
 Configuration of Juniper Devices in Junos Platform.
 Configuration, Maintenance and Monitoring of optical transmission Network Equipment.
 Wireless Network Design and Deployment
 Hands on experience on Cisco WLC and Cisco ISE
 Metro Ethernet Using VPLS in IP network and redistribution using Layer 2 Switches
 Cisco Firepower
 Cisco ASA
 Cisco EPNM, Cisco CSPC, Huawei U2000-IP, OpenNms, Solarwinds, Tejas EMS TJ5500, Observium, MRTG-Cacti, Netflow Analyzer, Nmap, WireShark.
 Huawei Switches, Cisco IOS Based Switches, Edge-Core Switches, and JUNOS based Switches, Metro Ethernet, HSRP, VRRP, Inter VLAN Routing, Q-In-Q, VTP, STP/RSTP, Ether channels, and LACP etc.
 Strong Knowledge in TCP/IP, OSI Layers, OSPF, IS-IS, BGP, Policy Based Routing, Route Filtering, Redistribution, Summarization, VPN, NAT, ACL, QoS

“Hi, I’m Georgis Alam, a seasoned technical consultant/architect with 10+ years in service provider and Telecom networking. I specialize in IP-MPLS, SD-WAN, DWDM, and SDH, tailoring solutions for service providers and Telecom networks. My hands-on experience includes Cisco ACI and Cisco ISE for Enterprise Solutions. I excel in maintaining a broad overview of solutions while delving into specific technological challenges, offering expertise in architecture design, flawless implementations, migrations, and last-line troubleshooting. Join me in navigating the dynamic landscape of networking, where innovation meets reliability and challenges transform into opportunities.”

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